Learning Support Assistant

Namesbliss is a Musician, Actor (‘Bliss’ as seen in Netflix’s TopBoy S2) and Creative Entrepreneur who is passionate about creating the highest quality music with an alternative and leftfield approach to our more popular Uk Rap sounds. He is a Storyteller, crafting catchy anthems, as well as mellow tracks with soulful expression. He does all this while simultaneously inspiring the younger generation to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Bliss’ passion is to equip the next generation of creatives not only through song but in deed, hence Lively Services agency was born. It provides industry-standard music marketing strategy consultations / mentorship programs and accompanying tailored services for executing campaigns at competitive prices for up & coming/established indie artists like himself.

“I like working at SoundSkool because it allows me to add value to the next generation of creatives, seeing young musicians grow and thrive is both fulfilling and energising”

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