Help us #SaveSoundSkool

A few weeks ago we found out that our funding is being cut for our delivery in September. We now have 70 students who are enrolled and have no college course to attend.

Naturally, this is a devastating blow to the organisation, but we are seeking alternatives, and hoping that we will be able to continue delivering our music industry provision to London’s young people.

Changing young people's lives through music...

SoundSkool is a full time, fully funded music industry college for 16 -19 year olds interested in pursuing a career in the modern music industry. Whether you’re a musician, music producer, singer, rapper or music’s next business mogul, SoundSkool’s courses are tailored to your creative needs.

::Trigger Warning: humble brag::
Bumped into an ex-student in the pub yesterday who told me he’d enrolled at @SoundSkool a year ago after I told him about it. He said it was the best year of his life. He thanked me and shook my hand. Big up @SoundSkool #savesoundskool

Also, messily gave a plug to the #SaveSoundSkool campaign – you can find out much more here -> @SoundSkool.

Or in this much more eloquently worded @guardian article:

Enfield’s @SoundSkool will close due to funding cuts, and young people will lose access to music tuition, coaching and mentorship. “Our education system doesn’t work for everyone, so we step in to give our kids what they need. Where will they go now?”

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