Simon Gordon

Founder & CEO

Simon grew up on one of North West London’s council estates and from a very young age found his love for music. Simon then started MCing at the age of 14 at private events and on pirate radio stations. He then progressed into Djing at 15. Simon’s favorite music genres were jungle and garage. At age 18 in 1998 Simon was lucky enough to see one of his tracks ‘Lost In Vegas’ blow up on the garage scene; this track is still played today and is often referred to as a legendary garage classic.

Simon founded SoundSkool in 2008 and then was supported by Connie (director) for the next 12 years, together they built SoundSkool. His idea for founding SoundSkool was born from his own difficult experiences at school and his love for music, he explains that there was nobody championing his desire to follow music as a career, and as a young person there were no places to go that would support this. He describes SoundSkool as a family, a place where every single student is valued, supported, and integrated into part of the wider SoundSkool community. A place where everyone knows each other, collaborates, and works towards their own individual musical dreams.

Simon prides himself on knowing every individual student and their families explaining; What CEO cares this much about each individual student and spends their days on the ground with them? Simon is proud of the SoundSkool team and explains that these are the people who make it all work.

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