Masterclass Series X Ditto Music

This week we welcomed Sam Wilce from Ditto Music as part of our Masterclass Series. Ditto is one of the leading global music distributors, supporting artist’s getting their music out to the world. Our students have learned and are understanding that getting your music out to Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music etc is key to your success.

Sam delivered a very interactive session covering everything from Copyright to Tik-Tok and has thrown in some amazing tips and tricks to help students navigate their way through a complex industry. Students asked lots and lots of questions which kept Sam on his toes!

Sam was blown away with the questions, the engagement from the students and truly enjoyed his visit to SoundSkool or the first time. Sam travelled a very long way to come to the college and explained that this is because he believes in the SoundSkool ethos and students, and that he personally supports us as an independent college.

We have a very big surprise for our students that we have not shared yet! Thank you Sam and Ditto for all your support and we look forwards to implementing our new plans and special new partnership.

Some pictures below…

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