Happy 15th Birthday SoundSkool

Today the 13th April marks our 15th Birthday!

A note from Simon Gordon, our founder and CEO:

Founded back in 2008, this has been a hugely fun roller coaster of a journey, from starting out providing community music programmes to now running a full time music industry college too. All the while here to fulfil our mission of ‘Changing young people’s lives through music…’ We have definitely achieved this and keep achieving it.

We couldn’t have done this without all the amazing people that have worked with us on our mission and we wanted to thank all of them. Also huge love to all of our amazing current team, fantastic partners and wonderful funders.

Thanks also to all of the amazing young people that we have met that our courageous enough in following their dreams of careers in music, as we exist to support you on your journeys. That’s why we’re here and will continue to be here! Operating as a not for profit independent educational provider and community outreach organisation can be very challenging at times! However we continue our magical journey of supporting young people into music and their creative endeavours, because we believe that all of our young people should have this opportunity.

15 years has flown by and I’m sure that the next 15 will be the same! Thanks again to everyone that has supported us and continue to do the same for #SoundSkool

Peace ✌️ Love ❤️ Music 🔊

Simon Gordon Founder & CEO

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