Chris Smith

Music production Teacher

Chris is an experienced songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and vocalist who has been involved in the music and live industries for over a decade. In 2017, he was chosen by The Hospital Club to be their Emerging Creative for Music. In 2019 Chris completed a Masters Degree in Music Production at Tileyard Education which led him to writing for industry briefs and attending songwriting Camps in London & Sweden. As a vocalist, under the alias ‘Influence’ he had two songs featured on World Renowned Jazz Artist, Billy Cobham’s album ‘Drum n Voice Vol 4.’, and also sang on the worship team for Hillsong London for 3 years.

Over the past few years, Chris has established himself in the live sound industry, working for leading companies including live music venues, BAFTA & JP Morgan.

Alongside teaching, he freelances as a sound engineer and regularly collaborates with other songwriters, producers & artists.

Chris loves working at SoundSkool because he is able to combine his love of music with a job which is rewarding. Being able to impact the next generation in a positive way, is truly a blessing.

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