Baby Audio – Sponsorship From Los Angeles

We are all so chuffed to have been lucky enough to be sponsored by the amazing team over at Baby Audio in Los Angeles, USA! We have been speaking with the team over there and they have been super kind, supportive and generous by providing SoundSkool with their music plugins.

Students are going to be over the moon when they hear that they can all access these industry standard plugins to support their music productions!

Here is what Baby Audio is all about:

Add colour to your sound

We make audio plugins that make it easier to do harder things.

Our aim is to empower anyone with a vision and a laptop to make music like the world has never heard it. No matter who they are or where they’re from.

Since forming in 2019, we have grown our user base to more than 400,000 passionate music producers around the world. Some of them work with the biggest artists on the planet. The rest, we’re sure, are working on shaping the sound of tomorrow.”

Once again thanks Baby Audio we are all so grateful!!!

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