Back in September 2017 a young girl 17 year old called Cassie (Cassie Rytz) had auditioned and interviewed for her place at our music industry college. Cassie didn’t know anyone at the college and was very nervous as she had already had awful experiences with her education at secondary school.

It wasn’t long before Cassie had found her tribe at SoundSkool and she grew very quickly in confidence, creativity and professionalism within her art of rap.

At that time one of our long standing industry partners Cre8ing Vision/The Ultimate Seminar were delivering the college masterclasses. These masterclasses were hosted by the original music man Kwame Kwaten who is also a founder of Ferocious Talent & Cre8ingVision/TUS.

After one of the masterclasses Cassie approached Kwame and asked if she could show him how she raps, she did and that is now history! Kwame signed Cassie to his label Ferocious Talent and she has been flying ever since! Have a look at what The Guardian have to say about Neneh Cherry female rappers including our very own Cassie Rytz.

If you havent already seen the #SaveSoundSkool documentary that was filmed and directed by Saoud Khalaf called ‘Voices Of Tomorrow’ please watch this on Link Up TV/Youtube. You can see Cassie at the end of the doc talking passionately about SoundSkool and her previous experiences of mainstream education. See some more pics of Cassie Rytz below…

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