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SoundSkool Head To Ultimate Seminar

This weekend, SoundSkool learners and staff were excited to attend the annual Ultimate Seminar. Dubbed as “the music industry’s best kept secret”, the seminar invites some of the industry’s top artists and business moguls to central London’s Westminster University.

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Masterclass with CADET

SoundSkool were excited to invite south London artist Cadet on site today, to deliver number 4 in our masterclass series. Focusing on the theme of ‘what it means to be an artist in the current industry’,

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Stonegrove Youth Club

Stonegrove Estate – Having worked with Stonegrove Youth Club so closely it wasn’t a surprise that they were back for more music courses! This time we were asked to provide a music performance course

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SoundSkool and Community Focus

SoundSkool and Community Focus have been working together since we were established in 2008. Together we organised and planned a new music project called ‘Right Tracks’ with qualifications for young people with special educational needs and who may be disabled. This project was a series of short music production courses

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Ltd ltd

Ltd ltd were so amazingly kind and decided that they love SoundSkool so much they wanted to sponsor a programme for young people.

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