Music & Business

Level 3 RSL Diploma for Music Practitioners

Level 3 offers an in depth, focused course for those who have already completed a level 2 music qualification, or have 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above alongside previous musical experience.

You can choose a pathway in either music production or performance. Whichever pathway you choose you will be guided by SoundSkool’s team of expert tutors who will guide you towards your musical career goals.
If you choose the performance pathway you will undertake in depth study of music rehearsal skills, session musicianship and lead performance.
If you choose the production pathway you will undertake in depth study of remixing, production & advanced mixing skills.
Both pathways are geared towards helping you develop your own unique musical style, build your technique and gain a deeper understanding of the music industry and your place within it
You will study the following subjects:
  • Composing Music
  • Understanding Musical Influences
  • Practical Musicianship
  • Music Sequencing and production
  • Evolution of the Music Industry
  • Understanding revenue flow in the music business
  • Finding work in music
  • Work Experience
  • Tutorials & rehearsal time.
Throughout the course you will gain hands on experience in performance and production, working on a variety of individual and collaborative projects. You will complete both practical and theoretical assignments, including opportunities to showcase your work at regular SoundSkool events.
You will have opportunity to network through connecting with the established music industry professionals at SoundSkool’s renowned masterclasses, as well as going on industry trips, outings and attending seminars/workshops.