Community Projects

In addition to its college base, SoundSkool hosts outreach programmes providing free workshops and courses across London, often in collaboration with housing estates, youth clubs, charities, colleges and schools.

Our informal taster sessions allow young people to meet the tutors and try our professional music equipment, with the option of signing up for more in-depth courses, which are offered locally and free of charge.

For example, on the historically troubled Stonegrove estate in Edgware, we have delivered on-site workshops and accredited ten-week courses in Music Production and Music & Performance for young residents. The students produced their own music tracks, directed promotional videos, earned certificates and successfully performed live on stage to entertain the local community.

Other outreach assignments have included taster sessions at Grahame Park’s “Urban Games”, a community-run sporting event for young people that is supported by Barnet Homes, Barnet Football Club and the borough’s mayor. SoundSkool also hosted “National Youth Music Week”, an Arts Council and National Lottery funded project at the Mill Hill Music Complex, where we have taught several ten-week certificate courses.

One of SoundSkool’s most successful outreach tools has been occasional use of a double-decker bus equipped with music technology, DJ’ing and music performance activities. We drove the bus to housing estates, community centres, colleges, schools and pupil referral units for hugely popular special events. Hundreds of visitors to the bus were able to take part in SoundSkool taster sessions, produce their own music and perform live with microphones. Guests were also free to create original t-shirts, hats and audio CDs to take away. The double-decker bus is no longer in service, but we are looking to purchase our own outreach vehicle as part of our ‘Future Outreach Expansion Strategy’.

Other events include SoundSkool’s participation in “The Challenge” with the National Citizen Service (NCS) in Enfield and Colindale. During the year, we also provided workshops on music performance and production for Skills Training UK in Wembley.

Finally working with our long term partners Community Focus is always a great pleasure for us. CF are a specialist disability charity with a huge passion for music. We have delivered numerous accredited and unaccredited music programmes that have been a huge success with young people making amazing music and developing new musical skills.